Below are photos of the Orakei Dental unit just before handover.

Last week we observe a few external changes like the roof tiles being removed with sections of the roof. The next stage of the demolition involved the removal of all the roof tiles and the builders taking down the rest of the roof structure. All that was left was the walls of the old toilet block. The next exciting stage involved the demolition crew removing the interior of the toilet block. After they had removed the internal structure the demolition crew used a huge digger to tear down the walls and all that was left was a huge pile of broken wood concrete and steel.
The demolition crew have finished their part of the job and they have cleared away the last bits of rubbish and wood from our old toilet block. The old toilet block has gone and it is like an empty field without any grass. It is the end of the old and the start of a new beginning for our school and community. The next step in our building process will be a traditional ceremony where a ‘mauri stone’ will be buried beneath foundations of the new building. This ceremony will take place on Wednesday 4th April at 8.30am.
Written by Dayna Leef & Harriet Bingham. Room 1