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The upgraded classrooms and decks at Marina View School have been completed. Marina View have been so impressed with the work completed by Aztec Builders that they also awarded them the contract to refurbish their admin block. Well done, team! Now both parts of the refurbishment have been completed and handed over to the students and teachers to enjoying.

Summer is just around the corner, and so is the finish line!

Everything is progressing well here at Marina View School and looking set to meet the committed deadline of 19th October. Our team will soon hand over the newly refurbished “Tech” blocks complete with their expansive deck areas for the students and staff to enjoy…

Preparations are on track - 21/09/15

Work is underway on the expansive timber decking for Marina View School. The posts and footings have now gone in, in preparation for the decks to start being laid. Watch this space for more photos. What a transformation this will be - Students and Teachers will soon be enjoying the summer sun on their new deck! 

Back inside, the internal construction on the two classrooms is on target: steel support beams and internal walls have been installed. The next step will be the gib lining.

Deconstruction Progress Report - 27/08/15

Deconstruction on the outside of one of the classroom blocks is almost complete in readiness for the decks to be built.

Interior construction work is on target: the classroom block has been opened up and the new walls starting to go in.

Project Summary - 10/08/15

This school renovation project in West Harbour, Auckland is scheduled for construction over three months.

The exterior building work involves:

  • Adding externally expansive decks along the front of classrooms
  • New windows and entrance ways

While the interior classroom renovations include:

  • Upgrading to state of the art facilities along with informal "breakout" areas for the students to relax and informally mix
  • Stage One will involve demolition work in preparation for the required building improvements

One of the main challenges Aztec face is running a construction zone within the confines of a school while the school is open and operating. This is an area that Aztec has become proficient in through its long history in completing school projects both inside and outside of the school holiday period.

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